Gamma Irradiator Service Announces Partnership with Precision X-Ray!

September 2015

​​Gamma Irradiator Service (GIS) is please to announce that we are partnering with Precision X-Ray (PXi) to offer their line of X-RAD X-ray irradiators. The agreement between PXi and Gamma Irradiator Service allows both companies to provide complete service from sale to installation of X-RAD X-ray irradiators. Once the purchase of a new irradiator from PXi is complete, Gamma Irradiator Service will assist in the removal of existing gamma-based irradiation systems (source irradiators).

Gamma Irradiator Service is familiar with all the regulations regarding the disposal and decommissioning of source irradiators, and has the necessary security clearances to complete the job. This new partnership will allow for customers to experience a smoother transition from an old-source irradiator to a new PXi X-Rad X-ray system.

“We wanted to work in conjunction with an industry leader in the X-ray field that has excelled in customer service and technology while also providing top of the line systems. We feel that the PXi systems are superior to anything on the market and are very excited for what the future will hold between our two companies,” said Doyle Stout, president, Gamma Irradiator Service, LLC. “We are looking forward to offering the PXi line of products to our customers that have made the decision to switch from gamma irradiators.”

As part of the agreement, Gamma Irradiator Service will also assist in the sale of X-Rad systems when removing source irradiators from non-PXi customers.

“The new service capabilities that this partnership provides will help many of our customers who are trying to make the switch from gamma-based irradiation systems to X-ray irradiation for their research,” said Bill McLaughlin, president, Precision X-ray. “Gamma Irradiator Service is one of the very few companies that is certified to provide service to a large range of Gamma irradiators currently used in the research market today.”

Further information about the products and services provide by both companies can be found on their websites: Precision X-Ray or Gamma Irradiator Services.

About Precision X-Ray

North Branford, Connecticut, based Precision X-Ray (PXi) is the leader in small-animal cabinet irradiators and radiotherapy research systems worldwide. PXi provides easy-to-operate, reliable, safe and cost-effective X-ray imaging and X-ray irradiation systems for applications in translational, industrial, and pharmaceutical research. The company actively develops new applications in these markets and designs new equipment to meet customer applications needs.

Customers of Precision X-Ray include prestigious hospitals, medical schools, universities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, government and major independent research facilities around the globe. For more information, please visit